Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What an adventure!

I am not sure if it is a curse or a blessing yet but, I no longer have a car. I am okay with that...I think! The funny thing is I have lived in Arizona for 11 years and had never been on a bus! So yesterday I took the bus... TWICE! It was fun!

I went to an appointment and got there EARLY! That is not very usual for me I am either on time or a few minutes late. It was fun riding the bus. There is life in the desert! There were so many people on the bus.. on off on off. Cool!

Then later in the afternoon when my daughter was here, I said "hmm, I need some groceries" She said lets go.. "really?" "Yep" so off we went again... On the BUS!! Now I must say when I went out earlier in the day it was 104 degrees. At this point the clouds had rolled in and a nice breeze and it dropped to about 85-90. Not bad.

When we reached the supermarket, the clouds had thickened, the wind picked up and there was a smell guessed it RAIN in the air!

Monsoons here in Arizona are either 5 minutes and gone or ALL night. Well this one decided to be an all nighter! We waited out side the store for the rain to let up. And waited..and waited.. well "we will have to make a run for it"... I DO NOT RUN! So I walked with the groceries in the cart and Cherise ran! We made it to the bus stop and waited..and waited.. FINALLY the bus came. We were soaked to the core. We giggled and laughed like school girls. It was an amazing ADVENTURE and I cant wait to have another!

I think I will like not having a car!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My how it seems that time has FLOWN by! I am sorry it has been a while since I have updated here.

I have been very busy working on me. I have let some things slide lately that I should have taken care of so now I am working on them. Nothing major but none the less things that I need to do to feel top notch! I am off of work until September 7th so that I can do what I need to.

Part of my "feel better plan" is blogging and writing more. I have several books floating around in my head and I know they will be fun reads when I can get them into paper or e-book! I promise myself I will work at least one hour every day on writing. I have also been busy sewing and making some Christmas presents. Since they are presents I wont put any pictures here cause you never know who is trying to see what they are getting for Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a great summer. I will be working more on my blog and hopefully updating it with some new pics soon!

Thanks for reading...

sock in the jaw

sock in the jaw
This pic is of a piece that i made a while back. I love the idea of coloring in the black and white pics


Fun piece I made. Again using the color on vintage pics