Monday, October 24, 2011

I sew I sew..

I am SEW excited..

One of my very favorite shops
MYSTIC PAPER is having a wonderful event!

I will be showcasing my aprons, pillows and bags!

Mystic Paper is a great shop with a wonderful owner! I love to stop in from time to time to chat and catch up on the latestest and greatest new items to create with! They were just voted BEST IN PHOENIX!!

I hope you that are here in Arizona can join us for this fun filled day of shopping, crafts and friends!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Time to get serious....

about my selling on ETSY (and sometimes Ebay).
I have TONS of things I keep picking up at estate, yard sales and thrift stores. I buy them and say OH! I can sell this... well it's about time I did! So I am!

My home is FAR from looking like something on Hoarders (THANK GOD!) but if I dont sell some stuff I can't go buy more stuff to sell! I have self imposed this rule. I will be able to buy one thing for every two I can sell. This way I will stay ahead of the "stuff' and not worry about a intervention from A&E! lol!!

So check out my ETSY shoppe:

sock in the jaw

sock in the jaw
This pic is of a piece that i made a while back. I love the idea of coloring in the black and white pics


Fun piece I made. Again using the color on vintage pics