Monday, December 28, 2009

Fixin it up!

I am so excited! My mom and dad are spending some time with me this week. I was able to get some time off work to stay home and "play". SO I am fixing up my studio and my sewing room! THEN... I will be working on some projects! Im so happy!
I will post pics as soon as I get some!
Stay tuned

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Night Before.. The Night Before CHRISTmas

... All the presents are wrapped, slim and few that there are. Love was put into each bow, twinkle and star. Money was tight but thoughts were grand, I hope they like what I put in there hand....

I am happy to say that my parents are with us in Arizona this year for the holidays. I love having them around and I know we are lucky to still have them.. they are 82 and 85 and still going strong! My son also made it out of NJ before the snow storm and surprised me a day early. He and my daughter put it together. That was the best present the two of them could give me. We are all together for the holiday. Only missing my big brother and his kids and 2 nephews and their families. Maybe we can ALL be together in one place soon!

I am wishing everyone a blessed and warm CHRISTmas and a New Year that will find us with the strength and endurance to face whatever this mortal life gives to us.

This was a tough year for my family. Today (12/23) was my first Nephew Patricks birthday. He would have been 35. We lost Patrick in March. The demon of drugs, depression and social pressures got to him. He fought a long battle and tried with all his mite. His soul needed resting and he taught most of us a lesson. That was his purpose here. He fulfilled it and now he is in peace. I miss knowing your here but I KNOW your here. Thank you Patrick for teaching ME a lesson.. yea I know.. "Dun worry bout it" (in your beautiful Brooklyn accent).

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving blessings....

Wonderful Thanksgiving day.
My daughter made dinner at her house (apartment). She lives with her boyfriend and a roommate. They all worked together and made an amazing dinner! The turkey was YUMMY! The sides were all great. The company was fun. All the family in Arizona was there. It was really nice to be all together!
Even though both my daughter and her boyfriend just got let go from their jobs, there was plenty of laughter and smiles to go around. I know in my heart that God will help provide. I pray that he provides soon!

I hope everyone had a blessed and happy day!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hi all!

Check out this amazing store... LOVELAND located at Baseline and Mill Ave (s/e corner). It is a cute store with local artists work.. including MINE! Come check out the fun aprons I have in the store. Let them know you saw it on my blog!

I will write more when I am not running to my 9-5 job..

Monday, November 9, 2009

Re-arranging .. again!

Once again I am re-arranging the living area. I do not have enough space in my room for both my crafting/art and my sewing.. so the sewing will get its own area. I will post pictures when I am done.
I am so happy I completed an apron and sold some things on Ebay. I am going to try to take pics and see if I cant get some stuff on Etsy. THey are so picky about thier pictures! I dont know how to adjust pixels and stuff. So I guess we will see... Oh! I found this quote someplace.. I thought I would share it!

Woman is born to create… in creating she becomes herself, accomplishes her destiny. Her whole life is only an initiation into creative power. To create is not merely to produce a work… it is to give out ones own individuality.-Jeanne de Vietingho

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Work vs Play..

Hi all..
It's been a few days since I have written so I thought I would post an update.
I am working full time now so writing and "playing" have been put on slow. Never stop doing what you love to do. Slow it down okay. But never stop.
I am lucky that I found a job very quickly after losing my last job so I will not complain. I still do wish I could win the lottery so that I can stay at home and play all the time!
I am contemplating rearranging my studio and apartment again. I think Im going to just use the WHOLE apartment as my "studio" why not? Its just me and I like what I do makes sence!
Well I have to go back to work. I will try to catch up more often!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Whatta day..

Wow.. long time, no blog!

Well lets see.. last we chatted I was not working.. I am now. It is an okay job. Pays the bills and I feel blessed to have found one! Thank You God.

Last night I took my daughter and Justin (like my second son) the the State Fair. That was fun! I enjoyed watching them on all the rides I won't dare attempt! Well not now. When I loose a significant amount of weight I might try it just not now. It was fun to walk around and look at all the fried foods and the amazingly outrageous prices!~ $9.50 for a single turkey leg?? I don't think so!

Then today I went to the Park and Swap on Washington St. So it was 100 degrees on OCTOBER 18th.. who's counting.. It was hot and I didn't stay long BUT... I did purchase two three ring binders with TONS of paper that is from the 1950's and 1960's.. they are all clip art! fun!!

Well I updated the blog a little too today. If you notice on the upper right portion, where the pictures are, there is now a slide show of some of my work! I only put the pics that I had stored in the computer there. I am still learning how to do all this. I am proud to say that as usual... I did it myself!

Friday, September 25, 2009


What a lovely day!
I was so happy to finally meet Beth and her boys ( hubby too!). There are still some truly NICE people left in this world. I really enjoyed the company. Next time we must get together longer. It was nice to see you in Mystic Paper. I can't wait to finish your pink/black apron! I hope you love it!
Got my laundry done, house straightened and now.. I prepare for the new job on Monday. I am so excited about it!.
As for the pics I have promised.. due to technical difficulties (camera mess up) there are none to post. I will get some and get them up when I can!

I wanted to share a little something with everyone. For many, many years, as long as I could remember, I have been a worrier and a stresser. Until... I don't know if I read it or heard it someplace but I learned that worrying and stressing are a sin. That God frowns upon that. I didn't know this! I was raised Catholic and well that's what we do.. we stress and fret! So once I learned to just let it go, trust, know in your heart that it will all be handled for you.. POOF! I feel a million times better! and with my foot work to do the earthly things that needed to be done, God provided what I needed.. a job! and one that is not just work but actual contribution to society!

So publicly I wanted to say THANK YOU to my friend God. And if any of you are struggling with letting go, just think, whats the WORST that could happen if you DO let go? Then cut that expectation into tiny pieces and blow them away like dust. You WILL get what you need.. not necessarily WANT but need.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My First..

My first follower! Thank you Beth!
I was so excited to meet my new friend Beth. Thanks to Mystic Paper for getting us together! I think it was meant to be!
Checkout Beth's site here. How fun a great scrapbooking idea for those of us who love Project Runway.. Project Scrapbook 09!

I know I have not added any fun pics latley. I'm sorry. I have to get the pics from the show to upload and I am almost finished with the little touches on my studio. As soon as I am done I will post them.

Have a ArtyFall!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I am so excited. I booked my space today for the MYSTIC PAPER 5th Anniversary vendor faire!

If you are in Arizona and you have not check out this shop you really should! The lady's here ( Kim and Jennifer) are super sweet, the atmosphere is warm and the creativity just FLOWWWSS!! This is my favorite store (can you tell?).

I was considering moving out of Arizona last year and one of the reasons I really didn't want to go was this store! Seriously, I could not imagine finding another store that would fill the spot of MYSTIC PAPER. When you walk through the doors its like a step back in time.

The journey starts with the wonderfully warm front "porch" of the store. How sweet to see a little wooden bench to rest on before or after you shop. When you open the vintage (old?) glass door you step into the past with all the elements of today's creativity! The floor is wood and it creaks, the ceilings are high and they are surrounded by huge vintage family photos that have been created into wall paper. The display cabinets are right out of the antiques store. It is almost like walking into an old time general store!
Mixed with all the wonderful atmosphere and people are some of the best products around. Everything any mixed media/paper crafter could want! From Tim Holtz/Ranger to Graphic 45 and 7 Gypsies. The mix of "found" objects is huge! From doll parts to door knobs you can find it here! If I don't have it in my stash I know MYSTIC will.
If your a crafter you owe it to yourself to check out this shoppe.

Why not start with the 5th Anniversary Celebration on Sept. 12th!

Craft On..

Friday, August 21, 2009

We all have ROOTS...

No I don't mean roots to be colored by hair dye! lol.. though we have those too!
I mean Roots, where we came from, why we do what we do and why we are who we are...

I was cleaning up some pictures today on my computer. You know dumping duplicates, extra pics of things you have no clue what or who they are.

I came across some wonderful pictures of my family and my Mom and Dad. When I was fixing the pictures, turning them right side up etc.. it dawned on me .. this is where my Mom creates... ala the Somerset magazine "Where Woman Create". We (the whole family) went to Oregon last year in October to celebrate my parents 60th yes that's not a typo..60th Anniversary! They were married on June 12, 1948! We celebrated in October just due to everyones availabilty from work. It was great to be all together for a change. Two of the kids were missing, my son who was in the AirForce and could not get leave and my brothers oldest son who was ill.

While we were there we were able to take some great pictures. I have posted below some of the pics. My Mom and Dad are very talented people. My mom was a professional seamstress in NYC since she was in high school. My Grandfather (her Dad)and my Uncle (her brother) and my Father had all at one point in there lives owned dress shops. My mother grew up around sewing and creating. She is amazingly talented. She sewed all her bridesmaids dresses, my grandfather sewed her wedding gown and my mom sewed my wedding gown and my sisters also. As a kid I would watch my mom sew. She would work all day at home on the shoes my Dad would bring home for her to make. Dad worked for Capezio Ballet Makers. There he was the forman of the fitting room. He had people reporting to him, they sewed the top parts (uppers) of the shoes together. Dad could make a shoe, fix a machine, soothe some pmsing seamstress and still come home and work again at night as a t.v. repairman!

Well with all this talent in the family, I guess its only natural that I follow suit! I hope you enjoy my pics!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Aunt Darling...

My nephew David and his wife Casey have three AMAZING kids. They are so well behaved and beautiful! I'm crazy bout them .. and if you know me at all you know that says a LOT! I have to say I am not a kid person. ANYWAY...
David is an officer (Captian I think) in the Marines and was away on assignment (in the states) so Casey goes to her hometown when he is away, on the way back to their home in California, they pass through Arizona and stop and stay with my sister or other nephew (cutie pattootties Brian and Lisa, newlyweds!) So I was intived to Brian and Lisas for dinner when they were in town.
The cutest little girl EVER(well ok since my daughter) is Ashley she is 4. She was calling me Aunt Arlene, but it comes out... Aunt DARLING!! ..... I LOVE IT!!! I think I may make this the name of my Apron line!
I will try to find a pic of the 3 kids if not then at least one of my Ashley!! She is a hoot!

Other than that not too much going on here. I am almost finished with the studio re-do. Gosh its a lot of work. I am exhausted. I dont know if I mentioned before but I am now unemployed and looking and so I am taking this time to take care of my studio and hopefully start a internet business in earnest.

Aunt Darling!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I am Woman hear me.. meow..

Whew~ what a weekend. I was home all weekend. I moved 75% of the things that needed to be moved into my studio. This is HARD work! My body is screaming! Moving furniture alone is not easy!
I enlisted the help of my daughter Cherise and her boyfriend Larry. They helped to get the final pieces in and Larry was a sweetie and hooked up my puter again! YEA.. now I can blog!

So do you remember I mentioned that I said that I put the little disk thing that is in your camera that holds the pictures, into the wrong slot of my puter and I couldnt get it out? WELL I took my puter apart and got it! It was hiding but I found it. I also cleaned out the inside of the computer... man was that filthy!

Anyway.. I will get more pics and write more as I continue to put my studio together! Can't wait to get to create in here!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm so EXCITED!!
Today at work ( I call it the cell cause I HAVE to be there not want to be!), one of my co-workers said she needed some fabric to match a top, where should she go? I suggested Joann's, she had been there and they didnt have what she needed. I suggested another place but we discovered they only had quiliting cottons. Another co-worker overheard our discussion and suggested the "by the pound" place. Hmm that sounds interesting. So we googled it..
It is about 2 miles from my house! I had never been there. I went as soon as I got out of work. My co-worker who needed the fabric gets released earlier than me and was already there and gone (she is not much into sewing). She called me and said the place was amazing and she found what she needed.
When I got released from the cell, I moved as fast as I possibly could given I am a "larger" lady! I got there at 5pm! I fell in love!!! I walked into the store, and just stopped in place! I looked around, took a deep breath and almost cried! I wanted to hug the little old lady in the cobbler apron with the tape measure and pen on a cord around her neck. If they ever sell this store, I want to buy it!
I had walked back into time, into the fabric stores of New York City! The garment district! I loved to go there with my mother as a kid. I would love to look at all the boxes and boxes of buttons, trim appliques, spools of ribbons, sequins, lace, and PILES and PILES of fabric rolled around long cardboard tubes. The sound is muffled. The smell, musty, dusty and comforting!
Back in NY there were usually men on the other side of the counter. These men were gruff and sometimes abrupt. If I were not from NY I would have been offended. But you knew this was how they conducted business. They would rip you off if you didnt know what you were looking for.. "what, this ribbon is supposed to be thin the wide then really thin... of course its good.. no no we dont sell seconds! You want seconds go across the street, he will sell you seconds" The ribbon was seconds, it was damaged goods. A wise shopper would say " Fine, you keep it. I'll get better" Then the man would sheepishly pull out the "good" stuff and cut your yardage from that! Only one time did that get done to you. I don't know how they did it but once in the store and they knew you forever. They had thousands of customers, but they remember every face! Those days are sadly gone. I wish there was a way to get them back but they live strong in my memory and in my heart. There is nothing more comforting to my Brother, Sister and I than hearing Mommy's factory sewing machine sing us a lullaby as we fall asleep. Safe and secure in the love that was sewn by my mom the dressmaker and my dad the shoemaker. I was blessed (then and now) and this store today reminded me of that.
Ps. I bought a bunch of trim at AWESOME prices and I will be back early on Saturday for more!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Shopping in the heat!

Living in Arizona in the summer is really tough. Really tougher on the shopper! Usually, in the summer here, we stay inside, kind of like the winters in northern states. But! I enjoy my weekends, I like to go to thrift stores, antique stores, yard sales... so that means.. out in the heat! When it is 110 degrees, your a/c in the car is not very cooperative on short trips. Lots of starts and stops don't help!
ANYWAY.. I picked up some fun things.. I will be making more aprons!

I will post pictures as soon as I can get the little photo memory card thing out of the wrong slot that I stuck it in on the computer!!! ugh!

Well I have tons of work to do in the apartment. I purchased some shelves and angle irons, I hope to get those painted and up this week. I am almost done with the improvements in the bathroom.. smallest room first, it's an accomplishment and once that is done, then I can do more!

Ok off to do some painting!!

Happy night!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekend of BUSY!

This will be a weekend of busy!
Starting with Friday and a shopping trip to Walmart to purchase things that Cherise (my daughter) will need in her new apartment! That was fun! Pots, Pans, Towels, Sheets.. all the little things you dont think of .. till you need it!
Saturday was off to a slow start .. kind of lazy! But off to my sisters house to see my nephews their kids and say goodbye to a dear friend and his family who are moving away. SO it will be a day of little kids, big kids, kisses, hugs, laughs and swimming! No tears because it is a happy move! Also saying see ya.. to my son who will be moving to NJ in a week! Then my studio work begins!
Sunday is moving day! Cherise, Larry and Justin move in the apartment! Of course I will go to help... but Im not picking up boxes! I will point and direct!
Hopefully in this busy time I will be able to do something creative for me! Well I was able to blog and for this I am happy! Have a great weekend.. oh and check me out on Creative Souls! Badge is to the right at the bottom!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hot as ususal in Arizona. So I was happy to spend most of the weekend at home in the cool A/C. I am lucky because I love my apartment. One of the things that helps to foster this love is the fact that the A/C is FREE! Yes FREE! However it is done, it is included in my rent. So my electric bill is at the highest $45!! YEAY! Being a one income person, this is a huge blessing. SO having said that..

I have done some sewing this weekend. I am trying to finish my latest apron. Working with Chiffon on an apron is not as easy as I would have liked but it is almost done.

Just a few more weeks and I will have my studio back. I will happily post some pics when it is put together. I have wonderful ideas for it.. just a matter of finding time to do them all!

Well thats it for right now. I will keep things updateded as possible!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Plans for the weekend

Great! A three day weekend for ME!! I have Monday off and I plan to use it wisely!! Since I am getting my studio room back I will be going through my "stash" and purging. Then, I bought this great paint at Loew's. It is an interior wall paint BUT.. it was an "OOPS" color, so instead of a gallon at $28 I got it for $7!! and it is a pretty "tiffany" blue. I will use it for some ugly black furniture! FUN!!! Now if I can just paint before the temps reach 115! We shall see.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Making more!

Hi all..

Rough week at the 9-5 job! I am still trying to figure out how I can be home and work my craft and make enough money to live on! If anyone has any ideas.. PLEASE let me know!!

Very excited to say a young lady at the 9-5 asked for some specific pieces that I have made! I will also make her some coasters. She is such a sweet young lady. Very fun personality.
I will post pictures as soon as I can figure out how to do it.! Robert won't help me find the plug for his camera and Cherise said she needs software for me to use hers! Ugh.. I need one of my own.
Okay well I am off to play!
Happy night all .. I may post again over the weekend!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I made it!

I'm putting together some really cute aprons. I needed a body to view them on. SO... when I don't have something.. I make it!

It has been fun putting together a "fit model". First I took a trip to one of my favorite Thrift Stores (no suprise fining me in a thrift store!). I found a very cute dress. It was on "super sale". It was $.99! Then in the same store I found some old pillows, BIG pillows they were the same price! I run home with my goodies and get to creating! I put together the CUTEST dress form dummie display fit model!

I have always wanted a dress form. I just cant seem to find the perfect one. So while Im waiting for one to show up..I will be having Aunt Maggie at all my shows. She will be wearing my favorite apron at each show.

I will have pictures of her on here soon.
Have a happy rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sew Sew Sew..

I love it! I just love creating. I have been working on some very fun aprons! I can't wait to show them at the Christmas in July sale and the end of July in Peoria. My first real craft fair!
My son who is 24 will soon be moving out .. again.. and I will have me studio back! I have been working in the living room. It works but I miss my space.
I will post some apron pics as soon as I can.
Happy Tuesday~

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Edith Head

Sunday, it's nice and quiet. I did some baking. I baked my mom & grandma's sicililan lard bread. YUMMMM!!
I worked on some aprons today. I love doing these! While I was sketching some designs, it hit me like a ton of bricks. EDITH HEAD! I love her. SHE is a magician! Her clothes are amazing.

So now the hunt is on.. I want everything Edith Head. If anyone knows where I can get pictures, drawings and other things let me know.

Well Im off to create more!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Putting it all together.

I guess I may be a pureist. I want to have and do everything, but i dont have the funds or the ability to obtain it all. BUT I do have the know how to DO it all!! (okay, MOST of it all). So having said that.. This is my blog! It is still underconstruction. It's kind of like the roads in Arizona, undercontruction at all times, but some roads are open or detours offered.
So this being my first post I wanted to let everyone know that I enjoy feedback. I also enjoy meeting new people, so please feel free to follow me. I will be adding things to the blog almost daily. Thanks for stopping in, next time, grab a cup of coffee sit and chat!

sock in the jaw

sock in the jaw
This pic is of a piece that i made a while back. I love the idea of coloring in the black and white pics


Fun piece I made. Again using the color on vintage pics