Friday, September 25, 2009


What a lovely day!
I was so happy to finally meet Beth and her boys ( hubby too!). There are still some truly NICE people left in this world. I really enjoyed the company. Next time we must get together longer. It was nice to see you in Mystic Paper. I can't wait to finish your pink/black apron! I hope you love it!
Got my laundry done, house straightened and now.. I prepare for the new job on Monday. I am so excited about it!.
As for the pics I have promised.. due to technical difficulties (camera mess up) there are none to post. I will get some and get them up when I can!

I wanted to share a little something with everyone. For many, many years, as long as I could remember, I have been a worrier and a stresser. Until... I don't know if I read it or heard it someplace but I learned that worrying and stressing are a sin. That God frowns upon that. I didn't know this! I was raised Catholic and well that's what we do.. we stress and fret! So once I learned to just let it go, trust, know in your heart that it will all be handled for you.. POOF! I feel a million times better! and with my foot work to do the earthly things that needed to be done, God provided what I needed.. a job! and one that is not just work but actual contribution to society!

So publicly I wanted to say THANK YOU to my friend God. And if any of you are struggling with letting go, just think, whats the WORST that could happen if you DO let go? Then cut that expectation into tiny pieces and blow them away like dust. You WILL get what you need.. not necessarily WANT but need.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My First..

My first follower! Thank you Beth!
I was so excited to meet my new friend Beth. Thanks to Mystic Paper for getting us together! I think it was meant to be!
Checkout Beth's site here. How fun a great scrapbooking idea for those of us who love Project Runway.. Project Scrapbook 09!

I know I have not added any fun pics latley. I'm sorry. I have to get the pics from the show to upload and I am almost finished with the little touches on my studio. As soon as I am done I will post them.

Have a ArtyFall!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I am so excited. I booked my space today for the MYSTIC PAPER 5th Anniversary vendor faire!

If you are in Arizona and you have not check out this shop you really should! The lady's here ( Kim and Jennifer) are super sweet, the atmosphere is warm and the creativity just FLOWWWSS!! This is my favorite store (can you tell?).

I was considering moving out of Arizona last year and one of the reasons I really didn't want to go was this store! Seriously, I could not imagine finding another store that would fill the spot of MYSTIC PAPER. When you walk through the doors its like a step back in time.

The journey starts with the wonderfully warm front "porch" of the store. How sweet to see a little wooden bench to rest on before or after you shop. When you open the vintage (old?) glass door you step into the past with all the elements of today's creativity! The floor is wood and it creaks, the ceilings are high and they are surrounded by huge vintage family photos that have been created into wall paper. The display cabinets are right out of the antiques store. It is almost like walking into an old time general store!
Mixed with all the wonderful atmosphere and people are some of the best products around. Everything any mixed media/paper crafter could want! From Tim Holtz/Ranger to Graphic 45 and 7 Gypsies. The mix of "found" objects is huge! From doll parts to door knobs you can find it here! If I don't have it in my stash I know MYSTIC will.
If your a crafter you owe it to yourself to check out this shoppe.

Why not start with the 5th Anniversary Celebration on Sept. 12th!

Craft On..

sock in the jaw

sock in the jaw
This pic is of a piece that i made a while back. I love the idea of coloring in the black and white pics


Fun piece I made. Again using the color on vintage pics