Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm so EXCITED!!
Today at work ( I call it the cell cause I HAVE to be there not want to be!), one of my co-workers said she needed some fabric to match a top, where should she go? I suggested Joann's, she had been there and they didnt have what she needed. I suggested another place but we discovered they only had quiliting cottons. Another co-worker overheard our discussion and suggested the "by the pound" place. Hmm that sounds interesting. So we googled it..
It is about 2 miles from my house! I had never been there. I went as soon as I got out of work. My co-worker who needed the fabric gets released earlier than me and was already there and gone (she is not much into sewing). She called me and said the place was amazing and she found what she needed.
When I got released from the cell, I moved as fast as I possibly could given I am a "larger" lady! I got there at 5pm! I fell in love!!! I walked into the store, and just stopped in place! I looked around, took a deep breath and almost cried! I wanted to hug the little old lady in the cobbler apron with the tape measure and pen on a cord around her neck. If they ever sell this store, I want to buy it!
I had walked back into time, into the fabric stores of New York City! The garment district! I loved to go there with my mother as a kid. I would love to look at all the boxes and boxes of buttons, trim appliques, spools of ribbons, sequins, lace, and PILES and PILES of fabric rolled around long cardboard tubes. The sound is muffled. The smell, musty, dusty and comforting!
Back in NY there were usually men on the other side of the counter. These men were gruff and sometimes abrupt. If I were not from NY I would have been offended. But you knew this was how they conducted business. They would rip you off if you didnt know what you were looking for.. "what, this ribbon is supposed to be thin the wide then really thin... of course its good.. no no we dont sell seconds! You want seconds go across the street, he will sell you seconds" The ribbon was seconds, it was damaged goods. A wise shopper would say " Fine, you keep it. I'll get better" Then the man would sheepishly pull out the "good" stuff and cut your yardage from that! Only one time did that get done to you. I don't know how they did it but once in the store and they knew you forever. They had thousands of customers, but they remember every face! Those days are sadly gone. I wish there was a way to get them back but they live strong in my memory and in my heart. There is nothing more comforting to my Brother, Sister and I than hearing Mommy's factory sewing machine sing us a lullaby as we fall asleep. Safe and secure in the love that was sewn by my mom the dressmaker and my dad the shoemaker. I was blessed (then and now) and this store today reminded me of that.
Ps. I bought a bunch of trim at AWESOME prices and I will be back early on Saturday for more!

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sock in the jaw

sock in the jaw
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